A Year’s Adventures in Washington

For my second sabbatical from the University of Hartford, I wanted a different kind of experience.  I have been learning about the importance of using well-informed science to shape policy decisions, and was interested in doing my part and getting involved.  Being a mid-career scientist and professor, however, made the logistics of moving to DC for a year a bit daunting.

Then I was reading Madeleine Albright’s autobiography, and encountered this story that she told from back when her home country of Czechoslovakia was still Communist.  A Czech dissident encountered and old friend and said, “My friend, we could really use your help with the cause.  Will you join us?”  The old friend responded, “I wish I could but I can’t.  You see, I have children.”  The dissident replied, “I wish that I could be silent as you, but I can’t.  You see, I have children.”

With that story, my thoughts turned away from “How can I?” to “How can I not?”

So I will spend the next year as a Congressional Science and Technology Policy Fellow contributing what I can to make a difference.



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2 responses to “A Year’s Adventures in Washington

  1. DrNels

    So glad you’re doing this, the work in DC and the blog! At some point, maybe you could write about how you found the fellowship? Or is that something all you scientists know?

  2. I will certainly do that. Thanks for the idea, Nels!

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