Fellowship Year Booklist

Many years ago, my father overheard a conversation about how many books it might be possible to read in a single year.  Perhaps 52, one a week?  Intrigued, he began to keep track of the books that he read each year, and the practice spread to the entire family.  I certainly found that by keeping a list, I re-read fewer books, and I actually started reading nonfiction now and then.

My Fellowship year has been strongly influenced by the libraries to which I have had access.  I fell in love with the Senate Library early on, and since their strength is politics in general and the Senate in particular, my reading began to lean in that direction.  Having a minimum of 10 minutes each way on the Metro also encouraged me to read nonfiction, which I find easier to start and stop.  I’ve always been a bit addicted to my fiction, so I learned years ago not to bring those books to work.

I do not necessarily recommend all of these books, and I omitted any re-reads, but for whatever it is worth, below are the 74 books I read during my Fellowship year.  The ones in bold type are nonfiction.  I also keep an annual annotated list, which includes more commentary on recommendations, available on request.


Title Author
Ill Wind Rachel Caine
Widow’s Web Jennifer Estep
Heat Stroke Rachel Caine
Equations of Life Simon Morten
Chill Factor Rachel Caine
The Hallowed Hunt Lois McMaster Bujold
Theories of Flight Simon Morten
Straight from the Heart Ann Richards
Winterfair Gifts Lois McMaster Bujold
A Cold Day for Murder Dana Stabenow
Game Change John Heilemann and Mark Halpern
Discount Armageddon Seanan McGuire
The Girl Who Chased the Moon Sarah Addison Allen
Outliers Malcolm Gladwell
A Relentless Hope Gary E. Nelson
The Mysterious Benedict Society Trenton Lee Stewart
The Big Burn Timothy Egan
Home Safe Elizabeth Berg
Side Jobs Jim Butcher
Shadow Magic Patricia Wrede
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar   Children Ransom Riggs
Cool Days Jim Butcher
Water Follies Robert Glennon
The Rook Daniel O’Malley
Joy for Beginners Erica Bauemeister
Red-Headed Stepchild Jaye Wells
Ladies of Liberty Cokie Roberts
A Veiled Deception Annette Blair
Larceny and Lace Annette Blair
Spellman Files Lisa Lutz
The Gathering Kelley Armstrong
The Calling Kelley Armstrong
The Capitol Inside and Out Jim Berard
Magic Burns Ilona Andrews
Magic Strikes Ilona Andrews
Born to Run Christopher McDougall
Magic Bleeds Ilona Andrews
Frost Burned Patricia Briggs
In Fury Born David Weber
The Road to Cardinal Valley Earlene Fowler
Nine and Counting w/Catherine Whitney
The First Love Cookie Book Lori Wilde
Trading in Danger Elizabeth Moon
Beyond the 100th Meridian Wallace Stegner
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot
True Compass Edward Kennedy
Lean In Sheryl Sandberg
The Widow of Larkspur Inn Lawanna Blackwell
First Along the River Benjamin Kline
Miracle Under the Oaks William K. Stevens
Guardians of Stone Anita Clenney
The Last Great Senator David A. Corbin
The Sustainability Revolution Andres R. Edwards
Marque and Reprisal Elizabeth Moon
What Would Google Do? Jeff Jarvis
Engaging the Enemy Elizabeth Moon
Command Decision Elizabeth Moon
Victory Conditions Elizabeth Moon
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking Susan Cain
Deadly Sting Jennifer Estep
Deadly Descendant Jenna Black
Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power Jon Meacham
Cradle to Cradle Michael Braungart and William McDonough
Falling Free Lois McMaster Bujold
Queen of Shadows Dianne Sylvan
Death’s Rival Faith Hunter
Nature/Walking Emerson/Thoreau
Magic Slays Ilona Andrews
Libriomancer Jim. C. Hines
Women in the Club Michelle Swers
Mandela’s Way Richard Stengel
Mike Mansfield, Majority Leader Francis R. Valeo
Best Staged Plans Claire Cook
Second Nature Michael Pollan




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2 responses to “Fellowship Year Booklist

  1. Jen Acheson

    Impressive list! I think there’s only one on here that I read and I’m surprised it’s nonfiction (I, too, am addicted to fiction). Although I did read two by Faith Hunter on your recommendation!

  2. Heather Pence

    Nice list – you have a good number of non-fiction – I’m impressed!

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