About Laura Pence

My usual job is as a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Hartford.  This year, I am spending a sabbatical year as a Congressional Fellow in Washington getting a crash course in American Government.  I also get to contribute my scientific expertise to the policy process to help ensure that science may be considered along with economics and politics in enacting legislation.  I wanted an adventure, and I am pleased to share it.

2 responses to “About Laura Pence

  1. Vincent S. Venturella

    As I was reading the Nov 11,2013 issue of C & EN, I noticed that Connie Murphy had profiled you as a legislative fellow last year. I was taken back a bit at first because I stopped tro see if you were the same Laura Pence (maiden name) of a former colleague and fellow Pharm GMP expert who I knew as a chemist at the former Warner lambert in NJ before resigning and migrating to Boehringer-Ingelheim Corp.
    The Fellowships described seem quite interesting for chemists of any political stripe and I’m glad I was able to learn about them.

    Vincent S. Venturella, B.SPharm, Ph.D.

    • Hi Vincent. Nope, I believe I’m a different Laura Pence chemist since I’ve always been in the academic arena. The fellowship was indeed an outstanding experience, and I wish that more chemists had the opportunity to get involved.
      Best, Laura Pence

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