About Laura Pence

My blog began as a record of my 2012-2013 year as a Congressional Science Policy Fellow in the U.S. Senate.  After that sabbatical year ended, I returned to my position as a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Hartford.  My experience on the Hill continues to shape my opportunities and experiences, and this blog will evolve to record my ongoing thoughts and adventures in policy, academics, mentoring, and anything else that makes my eyes light up.


2 responses to “About Laura Pence

  1. Vincent S. Venturella

    As I was reading the Nov 11,2013 issue of C & EN, I noticed that Connie Murphy had profiled you as a legislative fellow last year. I was taken back a bit at first because I stopped tro see if you were the same Laura Pence (maiden name) of a former colleague and fellow Pharm GMP expert who I knew as a chemist at the former Warner lambert in NJ before resigning and migrating to Boehringer-Ingelheim Corp.
    The Fellowships described seem quite interesting for chemists of any political stripe and I’m glad I was able to learn about them.

    Vincent S. Venturella, B.SPharm, Ph.D.

    • Hi Vincent. Nope, I believe I’m a different Laura Pence chemist since I’ve always been in the academic arena. The fellowship was indeed an outstanding experience, and I wish that more chemists had the opportunity to get involved.
      Best, Laura Pence

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